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  • "As far as I know, many of us were not able to purchase an edition of the Cantigas de Santa María from El Escorial. When will you edit it again?"

    We are really sorry, but each facsimile edition has a limited and numbered edition and we guarantee by means of a contract a time margin of several decades until the re-edition of each piece of work. We suggest you to visit regularly our Opportunities page, where every once in a while our clients offer their copies. The prices are usually higher than the initial catalogue price, but we can do nothing about that, since works that go out of print become more and more valuable with time.

  • "The bindings of the works you reproduce are high quality, de luxe. Would't it be more interesting to have cheaper bindings in order to make it easier for all of us to access to their content, what is indeed more important?"

    We understand your point of view, but we have to consider that, in many cases, the binding is also a faithful reproduction of the original, and our work would be incomplete if we were not respecting the original as it actually is. Furthermore, reproduced codices are true works of art and that is the reason why the people, libraries and institutions who purchase them want the binding to be durable and as precious as the content. Our books meet their requirements.

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