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The very rigorous conditions of preservation required by wonderful medieval manuscripts, most of which are considered true works of art due to their miniatures, calligraphy, flyleaves and the design of their capital initial letters, do not allow the disclosure and dissemination of a relevant part of the medieval culture.

Edilán-Ars Libris, assuming the recommendations risen at the 19th Congress of the International Union of Editors, held in Paris in May 1972, started in 1974 a project with the aim of co-operating in the preservation and dissemination in facsimile of this important legacy, taking part in the restoration and latter reproduction in facsimile of some of the most remarkable medieval codices, from Spain as well as from other European countries, thus enabling their coming out of ostracism and their approach to experts and art lovers in the whole world. With this purpose, Edilán-Ars Libris is a member of Concentus Libri, Bibliophile Association of Spain.

In these pages, you will find a display of some pieces of work fortunately recuperated by Edilán-Ars Libris in these last few years.

¿Cómo se edita un facsímil?

The technical process of reproduction of a codex is long, delicate and expensive, although new technologies of colour print, inaccessible for many countries and much more expensive, are being tested successfully at present.

The first difficulty is the access to the original manuscript, zealously kept in museums and libraries. We will explain you briefly the process of reproduction of a codex in facsimile.

Thanks to laser digitalization modern technologies, it is possible to obtain an accurate selection of colours (6,8,12, etc.) in order to attain latter a faithful recreation in appearance and colour.


A detailed examination of the material obtained and long rigorous tests lead to an assembly of photoliths which respects to the utmost the structure of the original codex.

For the reproduction in gold to be faithful to the original, several procedures are followed, such as drop forging, silk-screen printing or a flywheel machine (depending on the characteristics of the original), which recreate accurately the beauty of the paints and ornaments.

True artisans finish off by hand each of the copies, numbered, authenticated and unique, giving them a binding as noble and luxurious as they deserve, often identical to the original.

A supplementary book "corpus" of study, written by experts whose prestige has been internationally recognized, accompanies each of the facsimiles and finishes off the piece of work.


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