The purpose of this section is to display our clients' offers and demands in relation to pieces of work which are no longer in the catalogue, since they are out of print.

Therefore, this page will not always have pieces of work available, since the content of this page depends on the desire of any of our clients to buy or sell one of its precious masterpieces.

If you are interested in purchasing o selling any piece of work, please fill in the appropriate form. We will contact you very soon.

Withdrawn works

Piece of Work Date
Akathistos, Himno Marial Griego December/2004
Axedrez, Dados et Tablas de Alfonso X December/2004
Beato de Burgo de Osma December/2004
Beato de El Escorial (ms. & 11 5) December/2004
Beato de Gerona1 December/2004
Beato de Saint-Sever December/2004
Beato de la Seo de Urgel December/2004
Breviario de Felipe II December/2004
Breviario de Amor2 December/2004
Capitulario de Felipe II December/2004
Cosmografía de Ptolomeo1 December/2004
El Quijote, leído por Camilo José Cela, ilustrado por Schlotter December/2004
Lapidario de Alfonso X el Sabio2 December/2004
Libro Copiador de Colón December/2004
Libro de Horas de Isabel la Católica December/2004
Libro de las utilidades de los animales2 December/2004
Profecías de Colón December/2004
Testamento de Colón December/2004
1Withdrawn at Publisher
2Very good price

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